Reasons and Revelations

When we try to build narratives around empirical observations we see around ourselves, we generally resort to reason, the structured thought process predicated by raw logic and imbued with rationality. That’s how a fairly rational man would take most if not all of his decisions, but in this construct of decision making, we often miss out on deep inspirational sparks that drive us to certain unchartered trajectories.. Trajectories where conventional laws of reason are defied by the environment which give birth to that spark.. It’s like a portal to a parallel universe where things or artefacts that you ve known just turn into something else – an upside down world right out of Stanger Things. This upside down world is that of revelations. Revelations are inspirations or mystical ether which infuse new set of definitions to your intellectual taxonomy. And this is where magic often happens when reason fails. These are the moments of profound depth which can only be explained in the hindsight. It does make sense to position your thought process to be directed by not only the voice of reason, but also sometimes to be driven by revelations.

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