Model Of Truth

You can have n number of mental models to make sense of your reality, but usually there is one single source of truth or the mothership model of truth around which all other models revolve. Sometimes in order to solve different intractable problems, some mental models work better than others and usually which model to apply to which set of problems comes naturally from intuition and past experiences. But these auxiliary models feed their signals into a central mesh of a model which is the repository of knowledge or your world view. It is home to all the axioms, laws, facts, counter facts and principles you have imbibed from the world basis your enquiries and conjectures with their corresponding feedback loops. This central model of truth is always WIP and keeps getting fleshed out as you absorb more information and knowledge. It is like a shape shifting sentinel network or machine which keeps re wiring itself. The fidelity of the nodes is a function of your ability to conduct pointed enquiries into the expanse of unknown. Every person has this model of truth embedded in their consciousness and brain and it is like DNA of that person, extremely unique to him.

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