Reasons and Revelations

When we try to build narratives around empirical observations we see around ourselves, we generally resort to reason, the structured thought process predicated by raw logic and imbued with rationality. That’s how a fairly rational man would take most if not all of his decisions, but in this construct of decision making, we often missContinue reading “Reasons and Revelations”

Rise of Stripe as Platform of Platforms

Stripe started off as a humble payment gateway solution aimed at developers. With just few lines of code, developers were able to integrate a full fledged payment gateway into their apps. They garnered more and more developer love by building dedicatedly for developers by including better documentation, simple lightweight sdks and webhooks for all APIsContinue reading “Rise of Stripe as Platform of Platforms”

Radical Candor – Making Office Politics Impossible

As organisations grow big, friction points that tend to emerge are not really the external threats but rather internal dynamics and politics. I think the company is bound to slow down on it’s innovation front if it’s employees start to look for opportunities and threats inside the organisation rather than looking for them outside. IContinue reading “Radical Candor – Making Office Politics Impossible”

Irony of Techno (Dys?)Utopian Economics

The real irony of techno Utopian Economics is that we create data which is harvested by big tech to serve ads without us getting compensated for it to train their AI models which might effectively replace our current jobs which currently barely compensate us. Now extension of that argument is that should Big tech insteadContinue reading “Irony of Techno (Dys?)Utopian Economics”

Cloud Native Software Landscape

Monitoring and Observability Datadog SysDig Splunk NewRelic Grafana Prometheus Container Registry Harbour Dragonfly Amazon Elastic Container Registry Docker Registry Google Container Registry Quay Kraken Jfrog Artifactory Service Mesh Linkered Istio Consul Kuma Maesh Meshery Zuul Open Service Mesh SuperGloo Service Proxy Envoy HAProxy Nginx OpenResty Porter Skipper Snapt Nova Traefik Mosn MetalLB Inlets RPC gRPCContinue reading “Cloud Native Software Landscape”

Getting Rich Requires A Revolution

Every act of getting rich is a political revolution, a heist which topples the top down status quos by seizing something only available to select few power elites and distributing it to general people.This decentralisation of power structures charges a minor fee which for value Thus this is democratisation of capabilities, flowing from centralised nodesContinue reading “Getting Rich Requires A Revolution”

Product Ops is Real

Product Ops is real. Although line between product management & product ops is quite blur at the moment, but overtime latter will become specialised with product ops becoming a core part of product management. There are tonnes of operational work which has gotten associated with product management which needs a first class specialised functional placeContinue reading “Product Ops is Real”

Creative Confidence For Organisations

Organisations don’t lack creativity, they often lack creative confidence. Innovative ideas are often fragile and they need to be incubated and fostered. This doesn’t mean these ideas shouldn’t be subjected to critical analysis, but it should be made clear that goal of constructive debate is to uncover the truth and not some cheap power ploy.Continue reading “Creative Confidence For Organisations”