All notions of happiness or meaning are tethered to movement. A transitionary movement from state A to state B propelled by what I call a Delta Engine of Discontent Happiness is a pursuit not a state, adventure is in journey not destination, ambition is pursuit of getting rich

Teams and stakeholders are the most complex adaptive systems, if you can manage them you can manage any system

Depth of conviction that comes from talking to customers can squash the doubts that are raised by staunchest of skeptics

One or two insights with extremely high conviction are way more valuable than lot of insights you feebly believe in

Good Products ‘Engage’, great products ‘Hook’, exceptional products ‘Empower’

A true leader doesn’t vie for the spotlight, but he lets the shine of credit enlighten his team who stand behind him

Learning is like water, it’s everywhere. Learn like a sponge, teach like a cloud

More often than not, what limits you, is not real

When there is no wind, start rowing.

Money is a great unifier, more than religion or nation states, people who don’t believe in common god or one king are more likely to believe in the idea of transcending and unifying nature of money

All great insights are both ‘surprising’ and ‘inevitable’ at the same time

Logic is the key to scientific truths, but paradoxes are the key to psychological ones.

When you boil things down to underlying first principles, concepts that invariably emerge, more often than not, fall within the premise of philosophy as a discipline. Meta thinking is truest form of thinking

This corona virus outbreak is a humbling moment for us humans as a species. We think of ourselves as special. But viruses are infecting us with the same purpose they infect a bat.

All confidence is acquired, developed. No one is born with confidence. Those people you know who radiate confidence, who have conquered worry, have acquired their confidence, every bit of it

Algorithms are the new invisible hands of market

Massive wealth inequity around the world started off as a feature of capitalism and now has morphed into a massive bug

If people are not absolutely shocked by the simplicity of your product, then there are more elements to let go

Insights are nothing but customer secrets which are obvious in the hindsight

In society obsessed with predictability and hedging , taking risks is a competitive advantage

Failure is not a state, it’s a tool

Deserve before you desire

As a founder you need to have your product achieve product-market-fit, your employees to achieve employee-culture-fit and most importantly yourself to achieve founder-market-fit

A highly financialised world is extremely efficient but subject to butterfly effects where small causes on one side of world can lead to catastrophic effects on other side of world

I love people who believe in simplification, for I know for sure they at very least embody the virtues of courage and sacrifice

Erosion of company culture starts when it begins trusting processes more than the people