About Me

I like to build interesting things( sometimes useful, sometimes it’s just art ) and learn along the way.

I am an entrepreneur who started and was involved in companies in different domains including gaming, ecommerce, fintech and B2B SaaS Products/Services .

Gaming – Started a company called Bitnomix Labs back in my dorm room back in IIT Roorkee. Growth hacked the way to 20M downloads across games. We were focussing on low budget long tail casual games in early days of playstore and got great traction early on. Quick growth allowed me to stitch together a like minded team including people and game developers. What started off as hobbyist project, became a profitable venture with lot of casual games in portfiolio and our inhouse developed ad network.

Ecommerce – Started a company called Zimply in ecommerce domain. Raised seed fund from Matrix partners and two prominent angel investors – Sahil Barua of Delivery and Pranay Chulet of Quickr. Went live to market with a content community commerce platform in ‘home’ category. The strength of the early team which I built led to lot of interest from slew of top investors. I finally closed my series A round of high single digit million dollars led by Lightspeed venture Partners with participation from Matrix partners. Scaled the company to 200 people across different functions including technology, product, design, marketing, supply chain, business, support including people from top colleges and companies.

B2B SaaS Products/Services – Provided Account based marketing and development services to top B2B SaaS companies globally. Scaled the team to 17 folks distributed across the globe and working remotely. Built products along with services including a chat bot builder called Contlo and an Experience Cloud Product called Dezo.

Fintech/Banking – Core part of the team in Sachin Bansal’s banking startup Navi. I drove the entire consumer product in lending which became India’s largest digital lending app within 3 months of launch by scaling to 1M downloads. Worked closely with team of 45 engineers, 5 product and design folks and 20 business/ops/cs team.