Product Ops is Real

Product Ops is real. Although line between product management & product ops is quite blur at the moment, but overtime latter will become specialised with product ops becoming a core part of product management.

There are tonnes of operational work which has gotten associated with product management which needs a first class specialised functional place in the organisation.

Ops work in product includes:

  • trying to get consolidated analytics reports from different tools used across functions ( internal ops portal, attribution tools, playstore etc )
  • coordinating with market research teams / agencies to conduct quant and qual surveys,
  • managing feature flags on a regular basis
  • coordinating with Design / engineering teams on Figma for seamless design / asset handover
  • coordinating with program managers to do sprint reviews
  • running drip campaigns at every step of product journey to improve conversion
  • sending ad hoc communication to customers during system downtimes
  • coordinating with legal to close out NDAs / contracts
  • generating daily/weekly/monthly conversion metrics from analytics tools
  • working with engineering managers to get feature estimation points
  • coordinating with vendors for integration unblocking and then vendor performance monitoring
  • giving sessions to customer support team about new released features .

Earlier all of this work used to be either handled by product managers further over stretching them or dumped to some analyst, but building a dedicated role for this will help product functions deliver better products faster to customers

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