PUBG Is Not A Game

It’s interesting to see how PUBG’s viral factor kicks in. While playing Pubg I ended up touch basing with my old college seniors/juniors, long lost school friends just because somebody added a friend of theirs in the PUBG group who added their own friends. Reminds me of early days of facebook. Another feedback loop whichContinue reading “PUBG Is Not A Game”

Building Products That Stick

Transcript : What makes products stick ? Building sticky products is hard and overall notion of ‘stickiness’ is considered a good inherent characteristic of a product. But why is a ‘sticky’ product better than a ‘non sticky’ one : higher stickiness of product ensures you have more time to generate revenue from customer, thus higherContinue reading “Building Products That Stick”

Covid & The SIP of Remote Working

Covid has become the discontinuity needed to propel the companies into adopting remote work culture in an accerlertated mode. What started off as a necessity due to lockdown across countries, became a fundamental shift in how companies operated and viewed productivity. This made many a top management and functional heads to realise a kernel ofContinue reading “Covid & The SIP of Remote Working”

Things Oracle of Omaha Taught Me

Warren Buffet is rightly called the Oracle of Omaha. He has become one of the world’s richest man from investing and owning companies. Not only his holding company Birskhire Hathways created immense value in the world but also Warren has set a legendary example of simple lifestyle, wisdom and philanthropy. There are lot of thingsContinue reading “Things Oracle of Omaha Taught Me”

Rise of B.R.Os or Bootstrapped, Remote & Opensource Companies

When you talk about BROs and tech in the same sentence, the first thing that comes to your mind is group of 20 something pair-programming, women marginalising, silicon-valleyish nerdy guys. But thats not the same BROs I am talking about here. I’m talking about B.R.Os, which is the acronym of Bootstrapped, Remote, Opensource and whyContinue reading “Rise of B.R.Os or Bootstrapped, Remote & Opensource Companies”

All Great Software is Self-Serve

This is one thing that I have learned in building software for both consumers and enterprises alike, that all great software products are essentially self-serve. And while most of the greatest software companies of previous decades were built on top of platform monopolies or on the brute strength of their sales force, great software companiesContinue reading “All Great Software is Self-Serve”