Radical Candor – Making Office Politics Impossible

As organisations grow big, friction points that tend to emerge are not really the external threats but rather internal dynamics and politics.

I think the company is bound to slow down on it’s innovation front if it’s employees start to look for opportunities and threats inside the organisation rather than looking for them outside.

I decided to call out the elephant in the room in our weekly round all hands.

Here is the deck I used to talk about Radical Candor inside the company in front of 150 people

2 thoughts on “Radical Candor – Making Office Politics Impossible

  1. Hey Ishaan. Finally I found you somewhere in the interent. But this is such an amazing and insightful website man!! Loved this article…

  2. So meticulously explained which is indeed required in professional as well as personal space. Sometimes we get into a habit of doing certain things which we are unaware of unintentionally, hence continuous change is required to make the ambiance better always!!
    Very good article with the intricate philosophy!!

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