PUBG Is Not A Game

It’s interesting to see how PUBG’s viral factor kicks in. While playing Pubg I ended up touch basing with my old college seniors/juniors, long lost school friends just because somebody added a friend of theirs in the PUBG group who added their own friends. Reminds me of early days of facebook.

Another feedback loop which really works for PUBGand the one that I’ve gotten hooked to is how after work everyday I just want to open PUBG and see who all from my friend list are online ( IRC or Yahoo messenger anyone ? ).Then you join them if they are idle and talk.

But the high point of Pubg is the not the proverbial and literal ‘Chicken Dinner’ but it’s reviving your friends when they die in the game. That’s camaraderie right there in the most literal sense. When your friends put their game lives at risk and try to come to your position to revive you and give you medkits or bandages, you feel connected to them more than a facebook like or twitter retweet can ever make you feel. You feel a sense of gratitude and reciprocity to return the favour ..which in my opinion is the core feedback loop

Also very premise of game wherein you are group of 4 friends put against other groups dropped on a remote island with objective of survival is something right out of the sci-fi fiction series ( 100 on netflix ? ) but at same time highly relatable in a capitalist social construct.

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