Idea Risk or Execution Risk

 Define the risks you want to take as an entrepreneur : are you taking idea risk or execution risk. The spread of the outcome spectrum is higher if you are taking idea risk. Example of idea risk is building a new innovative company which if successful will be a category leader ….or create a new category.

But at the same time on lower end of of spectrum on idea risk path you have higher probability of building something that customers don’t want. If you are taking execution risk, you essentially go to the market with a certain angle on existing established problem with a variant of solution which more or less is incrementally better than your category leader’s counterpart.

The band of outcome spectrum in this path is narrower and in the distant middle from the wild success and spectacular failure.There is a very high probability of company getting acquired by larger player in the execution risk category if you don’t fuck up on execution. But don’t expect building a very large insanely successful category defining company.

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